Advocate Ameer Muazzam Butt


Mr. Ameer Muazzam Butt is currently serving as Chairman Legal Research Institute of Pakistan (LRIP).Muzzam Jani Message He is an advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan with more than thirty years of experience. He is also the founder and Chairman of Muazzam Law Firm. His areas of expertise include issues related to Companies, Trade Organizations, Land Disputes, Intellectual Property Rights, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Issues, Banking Laws, Online Transactions and Frauds, Laws of Contract, Cyber Security, Anti-Cyber Crime and Awareness on Cyber Crime. Mr. Muazzam Butt regularly contributes his viewpoint on print and electronic media by analyzing issues of national interest from a legal perspective. He regularly initiates debates and discussions on questions of public importance, and has made significant contributions by being able to pass historic judgments from the Peshawar High Court on Religious Tolerance and Interfaith Harmony, Regularization of Business Activity of Afghan Refugees Across Pakistan, and several other issues. Being Chairman of LRIP, Mr. Muazzam Butt intends to contribute research-oriented policy inputs on the issues of Defense, Diplomacy, Economy, Hybrid Warfare, Energy, Questions of Public Importance and Legislation and Parliamentary Affairs.


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