Afghan Refugees Head Towards Turkey

24th August 2021,

According to the Turkish government, the number of Afghan refugees crossing the country’s borders has significantly increased in recent weeks. According to Turkish authorities, the majority of Afghan refugees are fleeing recent events in Afghanistan.  According to the Turkish army, they are monitoring their borders from the air and on the ground. Sayed Fahim Musavi is an Afghan citizen who is one of the refugees who fled Afghanistan because he previously worked with foreign forces.

“I was working with foreign forces, so I left Afghanistan,” said Afghan migrant Sayed Fahim Musavi.

“Some people may cross the border despite the restrictions; most refugees cross the border during rains,” said Mohammad Amin, governor of the Turkish province of Van. Turkey currently hosts nearly five million refugees, the majority of whom are Afghan. Meanwhile, in response to recent developments in Afghanistan, some Afghans living in France gathered in Paris and petitioned the French government to relocate their families to France.

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