Amending Law of Senate Members for Government Universities

26th August 2021.

According to a Lahore-based report, on August 25, 2021, respectively Wednesday, a meeting was convened at the Civil Secretariat under the presidency of Punjab Law and Cooperatives Minister Raja Basharat, in which the system for proposal of Punjab Assembly Members for the senate of five public universities in Punjab was discussed.


The VCs of Punjab University situated in Lahore, UET Lahore, Zakaria University Multan,Islamia University Bahawalpur, Deputy Registrar ofAgriculture University Faisalabad, the secretary Law, DG Research Punjab Assembly, andSpecial Secretary Higher education also joined the meeting.

Because of the complexities of the practice, the senate elections of the five universities have not been held in a long time, and imperative directorial staples were being exaggerated, so it was decided to change the law so that instead of monopolizing elections now, the speaker would be authorized to suggest one male and one female member of the Punjab Assembly as a member of each university.

The amendment was approved universally and the provincial minister absorbed the secretaryof the Higher Education department to concoct a jot down a report of the anticipatedrevisions instantaneously.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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