Amendment of the Existing Laws.

17th July 2021

The ministry forwarded the amended bill 2021 to authorities after the Prime minister demanded to alter the Criminal Law. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) had begun to convey Succession Certificate (for movable properties), Minister said while addressing people at the inaugurating ceremony of Federal Tribunal Complex and Letters of Administration (for immovable properties) within 15 days.

Federal Minister for Law and Justice Farogh Naseem said on Thursday that political parties need to set aside their political and legal differences and join hands to amend the existing laws and orders.

He particularly added that we need to sit together to eradicate shortcomings and establish a national defense. He likewise added that a law minister’s duty is to facilitate people and legislature by founding new courts.


He said that since he was selected at the service and given charge of ministry there were around 150 references documented each day and whenever took indulgent, simply figure the number of records that would have been left forthcoming.

He informed that a new Federal Tribunal Complex had been set by the law ministry for the prompt delivery of justice and is set up to function for people and the environment. The tribunal set up in Islamabad has 120 staff members operative.

Federal Judicial Complex was set up in 2013. After the establishment of the Federal Tribunal Complex other tribunal courts are also on the way to be shifted. He acclaimed that the ministry’s job is to facilitate people and the new government has enacted much legislation for this cause.

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