Pakistan and India share common history and culture yet the bilateral relationship between the two neighbours since partition have been characterized by suspicion, mistrust and rivalry. Since 1947, both countries have fought three major wars and several minor skirmishes along LOC. The bitter bilateral relationship between the two nuclear states of South Asia have roots in pre partition relations between Hindu-Muslim communities and the unjust British partition plan of Indian subcontinent. Although many conflicting issues mar the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and India but Kashmir issue is the major bone of contention. Kashmir was a princely state and at the time of partition, the Maharaja sided with India against the desires of Kashmiri population. Since then, Kashmir issue has become the main irritant between the estranged bilateral relationship of Pakistan and India. Indian efforts of strengthening its control over Kashmir by sheer use of force have always been questioned by Pakistan. Pakistan supports Kashmiri struggle for their right of self-determination under UN resolutions. South Asia has become a nuclear flashpoint and Kashmir has become a constant threat to the peace, security and stability of the region. This paper analyzes the historical and current position of the Kashmir dispute and its influence on Pakistan-India bilateral relations. This is analytical and explanatory research based on secondary data. The data has been composed by several websites, articles, newspapers and reports.Read More

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