Another Batch of Sinopharm Arrives in the Country.

9th August 2021.

Another transfer containing 680,000 doses of Sinopharm immunization arrived in the country today. From China, a special PIA plane carrying 0.68 million portions of Sinopharm antibody arrived at Islamabad International Airport.

The antibody portions will be distributed based on the needs of the territories. A new batch of this vaccine has arrived amid a new outbreak of delta variant of this most lethal virus. The 680,000 Sinopharm doses arrived on Sunday, 8th of August.

On Thursday, there was a severe shortage of vaccines in Karachi, and a severe deficiency was reported. Thousands of people flocked to the vaccination center to receive their doses, but Sinovac, Sinopharm, and Astra Zeneca were short in number. Sindh Health Department officials confirmed this report.


According to health department officials, immunization stocks at Dow Ojha Hospital and Sindh Government Children Hospital have been depleted, and supplies to vaccination centers in New Karachi, Liaquatabad, and Lyari have been suspended. According to the authorities, the majority of Sinopharm, Sinovac, and AstraZeneca immunizations are not regulated, and an insufficient number of punches were there to help people with their second doses.

Officials from the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination stated that the federal government hopes to achieve 30 million doses of vaccination by the end of this month. Vaccines are being purchased to immunize people in this fourth wave of Covid- 19.

Pakistan passed the 1,000,000 daily immunization mark on Monday; with Islamabad becoming the main city to have half of its qualified populace immunized with somewhere around one portion.

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