Anti-polio Programs and Militant Strategies

2nd August 2021

Police informed that in Peshawar, a policeman was shot dead on his motorcycle while coming home back from escorting polio vaccination workers throughout the day in one of the two attacks by gunmen. The news reported is from KPK where policemen were providing security to the vaccination team.

Simultaneously in South Waziristan’s tribal district, a police van met a bomb blast while performing the same duty. One police officer was wounded while in both attacks polio team was left unscratched. The polio vaccination drives were assorted in 18 districts of the region to end this disease by the end of this year from the region but the attacks rose two days after the government propelled the initiatives.


It is a western conspiracy to disinfect and sterilize children and use them for their benefit. Militants have acquired this strategy to attack the teams and workers that work for this cause and the attack on the polio vaccination team is proof of such cause. They `intentionally target such sectors to destroy the harmony within the systems.

The virus of polio is only active in two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nigeria was declared free from this perilous virus last year leaving behind these two countries. Aimal Khan who is a spokesperson of the Anti-polio program in the region said that polio 17,000 polio workers were sent to the region on 5-day drives. This initiative was taken to vaccinate approximately 3.7 million children. The workers were knocking at every door and police were assigned to provide them security.

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