Assailant awarded 37 years imprisonment for 2019 murder

15th July 2021.

Long-term life detainment of approximately 37 years has been charged to Sher Zaman who was seen as blameworthy for killing 10-year-old Sajjad Ali and wounding 2 Police constables during the trade of shots in 2019. He was a mugger who during the surge perpetrated this crime.

The anti-terrorism court judge declared the verdict recently sentencing the criminal to life imprisonment and 50,000 pkr fines. Judge also declared 12 years more imprisonment for clashing with police officers and possessing a life-threatening weapon.

State investigator Iqbal Meo Rajput, expressed the occurrence, that subsequent to getting data about shooters presence, cop reached the spot. The speculate saw the police and began firing, killing a 10-year-old boy and injuring 2 cops.


The accused Sher Zaman was found injured however his accomplice Murad, alias Taachi figured out to get away from the crime location. The accused Sher Khan by all medical and forensic means was proven guilty so the prosecutor demanded lawful punishment for the criminal.

An anti-terrorism court on Monday guided the Counter-Terrorism Depar­tment to hold an investigation into an insight report prior to enrolling an FIR. There was no proof or evidence collected leading to a vague examination. During the inquiry, ATC mentioned that suspect was behind the bars during some crime scenes and there was also an issue of enrolled FIR because no date and time information was available however it was settled with a non-enlisted FIR by the police and to engage applications under Section 22-A.

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