Atrocious Crimes and Conventional Laws

28th July 2021

In Islamabad, the recent atrocious and brutal murder and decapitation of a young woman Noor Mukadam has spread fear. This murder was conspired by an amoral-minded pursuer and sex offender, this case further exhibited that there is a calamitous need to introduce new and effective laws, forbidding violence-related acts, especially against women.

The law specialists suggest radical modifications in PPC to control the declining situation of law and order in the country, especially, in odious felonies of criminal law counting the case of a deliberate assassination of Noor Mukadam.

A law similar to SGBV has been conceded. Conferring to the Presidential Writ, this law is said to be guaranteed an in-camera trial of the case and it assured that it would provide ample defense to the victims and witnesses. Law further elaborated on the fact that it will ensure registration of sex-offender at NADRAs database.


The two main hurdles in the implementation of this law are, firstly, the regional police are not conscious about the law or processes to enforce it or method of firing (FIR) under this law, as this law is established by the President of Pakistan. The second obstacle in the law is that this law covers the rape but doesn’t mention any elaboration on gender-based murders nevertheless; section 302 is exposed to conciliation between the antagonist and the dupe parties after paying compensation to the victims.

Police officials dealing with such cases suggested comprising of a strict law to control the accelerated number of such brutal crimes saying that the suggestive law should be made for gender-based murder but should not be compoundable like honor killing and should be treated as a crime against the State, not against a person. To make sure the murderers do not escape the punishment by disbursing compensation to the victims or by socially pressurizing the victim’s families to end the dispute.

Legal authorities say that in the current legal structure, murders all sorts of, committed with any intention or purpose, are compoundable considering the law book made in Zia’s tenure. Premeditated murder was punishable by death or life-long imprisonment regardless of any political or economic background of the perpetrator. The legal experts suggested such cases should be dealt with meticulous care and premeditated murders should be made un-compoundable.

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