Attempts to Restore Self-Esteem of Senior Citizens

27th July 2021

Pakistan is a must-watch sight for ethical, cultural, and religious norms like respecting elderly people or giving them high regard, thus the constitution decided to extend laws to facilitate the Senior citizens in Pakistan. This legislation is only restricted to Pakistan capital territory yet.

The bill of 2021 states and formulates the establishment of old-age homes for the impoverished, uninhabited and itinerant elderly citizens. ICT inhabitants above 60 were deemed to be eligible for senior citizen cards, which will give them free access to museums, parks, and libraries.

They will be supported financially by being given concessions in medical and dental services, analytical, lab amenities and will be given bankrolled medicines. Since medical expenses are more of a concern in aged people, the legislation will pay meticulous attention in formulating a reform to extend with varying cases. The deserving people will get a 20% discount on air and rail travel. It has also made the process of transfer of property and its after-effects a little lesshectic.


The country and mainstream media primarily focus on youth issues and solutions while completely neglecting the need of old people. Statistically proven with the increase of lifeexpectancy the economic pressures are growing as well.

Most of the families hold the responsibility and monetary maintenance of these people but due to increasing challenges, it’s getting difficult to manage. Covid-19 and decreasing economy hasmajorly contributed to the miseries of already miserable people.

Keeping in mind all these troubles the law-making body should initiate rules and roles torestore the dignity of senior citizens. And rest of the provinces should also start working on these concerns following the example of ICT.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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