Ayesha Malik: An Empowered Justice

13th August 2021.

A news report updates that Lahore High Court’s Justice Ayesha Malik is ready to become the first woman judge in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She will be the first one, in the country’s 74-year history.

On August 9 August, the decision had to be taken during a meeting of the Judicial Commission, which was headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed. According to the LHC’s the judge to be, Ayesha Malik Born in 1966, accomplished her basic education from schools in Paris, New York, and Karachi. She graduated in B.Com from the Government College of Commerce and Economics, Karachi, and studied law at Pakistan College of Law, Lahore.

She ensured LLM from Harvard Law School and has said to have worked with Fakhurddin G Ebrahim. Justice Malik had arisen in the high courts, district courts, banking courts, special tribunals, and arbitration tribunals.


The legislative body is said to be making an allowance for appointing Justice Malik as a judge for the top court when SC’s Justice Mushir Alam retires on the 17th of August. Justice Malik grades on the 4th number on the LHC seniority list.

The justice was entreated as a skilled spectator in family law cases held in England and Australia comprising of subjects such as child custody, divorce, women’s rights, and constitutional protection for women in Pakistan.

Justice Malik was credited for her revolutionary judgment in June when she had renounced sexual assault survivors ’ later examination and virginity tests as illegal and against the Constitution of Pakistan. She declared that such acts humiliate victims and have no forensic value. A single bench led by Justice Malik broadcast the finding in a set of requisitions, funneled in March and June 2020 by rights activists along with a PML-N legislator.

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