Biden Opens Up about Afghanistan Evacuation an ‘Extraordinary Success’

September 01, 2021

President Joe Biden termed “the evacuation from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success” in his first public statements since the US withdrew its troops from the country on Monday, effectively ending a 20-year war.

In a television interview from the White House State Dining Room, Biden critiqued the exiled Afghan government’s failure to stand and fight against quick and decisive Taliban evolutions, forcing the US and its NATO allies to flee in a preemptive and traumatizing exit, and emphasized the role played by former US President Donald Trump.

According to Biden, the Trump contract authorized “the discharge of 5,000 prisoners last year, including several Taliban’s leading war commanding officers, between many those who just took control.” He explained, “Even by time I started office, the Taliban had reached its strongest military position since 2001, influencing or countering nearly half of the country”.

According to the US officials, Biden said, 100 to 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan “with some intention of leaving”. He stated that the majority of those who stayed were dual citizens and long-term inhabitants who had previously chose to remain, and that the US has been recognized to send them home.

Biden said, “We finished one of the largest evacuations in historical record,” trying to defend America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as the “right decision.” He added that the US will “stay committed” to removing the last Americans citizen from Afghanistan. Biden also told IS-K militants in Afghanistan, saying, “We are not done with you.” Many policymakers urged Biden to enlarge the August 31 deadline to make it possible more Americans and Afghans to flee, but Biden stated that the timeline was “not undefined,” but rather “developed to save lives.”

“I accept full responsibility for the actions”. Some argue that we should have begun mass evacuations sooner and that this could not have been done in a more organized manner. Cordially, I disagree “Biden stated. Even if evacuations had started in June or July, he said, “There would have been a rush to the airport” by people who wanted to flee. The withdrawal throughout the last US troops from Afghanistan this week, as the Taliban took control, marked the culmination of a two-decade military intervention that Biden was determined to end.

While most Americans agreed with him, the final outcome is not yet simple. Biden’s term in office, that had been concentrated on combating the corona virus pandemic and trying to rebuild the economic growth is now facing political investigations into how the withdrawal was handled, and also the logistical problem of discovering new homes for millions of Afghans relocated to US military bases.

Some Democrats and Republicans have demonstrated rage and frustration over the sudden decline of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the former leaders expelled by the US following the September 11, 2001, attacks, and what they call mishandled incentives.

Biden mentioned that if the withdrawal had not taken place, more forces would be sent to Afghanistan and put in danger. According to a Reuters/IPSOS poll out on Monday, less than 40% of Americans endorse of Biden’s dealing of the withdrawal, and three quarters even want forces to stay in the country till all the U.S civilian population can leave.

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