Blacklisting Afghan’s Cabinet Members Violating Doha Agreement

September 10, 2021

The Taliban government in Kabul criticized recent statements by US defence officials about the appearance of certain cabinet members on the US blacklist on Thursday, saying it violated the Doha Agreement. Some Taliban cabinet ministers, such as Sirajuddin Haqqani, remain on the US government’s blacklist. “The Islamic Emirate considers this position to be a clear violation of the Doha Agreement, which is neither in the interest of the US nor of Afghanistan,” the Taliban stated.

“The family of the Honorable Haqqani Sahib is part of the Islamic Emirate and does not have its own name or organizational structure,” it added. According to the document, under the Doha Agreement, “all officials of the Islamic Emirate, without exception, were involved in interaction with the US” and thus should have been removed from the UN and US blacklists. The Taliban government stated that this was a valid demand.

They strongly criticized the US and other countries’ “controversial statements” and attempts to “intervene in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.” “Such remarks by US officials are a continuation of previous failed experiments, and such positions are injurious to America,” the Taliban said in a statement. The Taliban government also demanded that the “incorrect policies” be reversed as soon as possible through diplomatic interactions.

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