Blinken visit Germany and Qatar to discuss about Afghanistan

September 4, 2021

On Friday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that he would travel to Qatar on Sunday to thank the country’s leaders for their assistance with Afghan evacuees, and then to Germany for a ministerial meeting.  Blinken said at a press conference at the State Department that he would meet with Afghans and workers in Doha, Qatar, “who are doing truly brave work all around the clock.” He stated that he would travel to Germany’s Ramstein Air Base, which he would meet with Afghans. The ministerial meeting will take place practically with partners, including more than 20 countries with a risk in the relocation and settlement of Afghans.

Blinken also stated that the US authority was in contact with the Taliban. “We continue to ensure channels of communication with the Taliban on critical issues”. According to Blinken, the State Department was in “continuous interaction” with Americans still in Afghanistan who wanted to leave the country.

He explained, “We have specialized team appointed to each of these U.S. citizens to keep in touch with them in all times. We’re giving them much customized, very practical guidance”. Almost all of those left are double nationals with homes in Afghanistan and extended families there. “It comes as no surprise that going to decide whether or not to leave the place they call home is a difficult decision”.

Blinken also discussed the department’s initiatives since President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January to expedite the preparation of distinctive visas for Afghans who started working with US forces during the 20-year war, large numbers of whom remain in Afghanistan.

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