Cannabis recreation has been legalized by the Supreme Court of Justice

July 7, 2021

The Mexican Supreme Court (SCJN) concluded at the end of 201 that it was unconstitutional to prohibit the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. The jurisprudence of the law to regulate recreational use of cannabis was complied with in November 2019.

In order to issue the respective legislation, the SCJN fixed a time limit for Congress. However, the legislators were unable to pass a law governing the recreational use of cannabis after several times extended those deadlines.

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However, this decision does not legalize or regulate the market for cannabis. So far, all marketing, planting, growing, harvesting, possession, supply or other activities relating to cannabis distribution have been subject to the Federal Criminal Code (FCCC).

To achieve a full cannabis legalization scheme for recreational use, legislation and/or regulatory and eventual litigation steps continue to be required in the short term.

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