Cargo Ship that Stuck on a Port near Karachi

27th July 2021

A cargo ship that was on the way to Istanbul from China, the Heng Tong 77 stalled out close to the port near the southern part of the city of Karachi in Pakistan. This incident took place last week on Wednesday. The shallow water struck the freight ship close to the port of Pakistani domains, affirmed by specialists.

The experts in Karachi on Monday said that the cargo ship will refloat towards its objective location. The case is under consideration and working has been continuing for its protected cruising once more. The cargo ship contained an enormous vessel that was helping in moving relative measure of oil.

There were raising concerns regarding the oil that was in the vessel. The cargo ship was stuck on shallow water because of the drastic climate and this prompted a drift and in this case, if the oil slicks out of it, it will have incredible danger as it would have exploited the environment seriously.


The issues that occur in the maritime course be it traffic or any sort of ocean transport are managed by Pakistan’s Karachi Port Trust. While discussing the re-floatation of the concerned cargo ship, the Trust didn’t specify any of the strategies that how the cargo ship will refloat once more, yet guaranteed that they will deal with this matter.

Some local media referenced the assistance gave to the cargo ship proprietor by the trust for the equipment he was bringing in for refloating the cargo ship once more. The trust additionally delivered an explanation referencing that the stuck cargo ship has not influenced any sort of exchange or different developments that were occurring on the port arranged close to the city of Karachi.

The cargo ship was roughly 98 meters long with a width of 20 meters. It had a capacity limit of right around 36,000 deadweight tonnages. There is no clear stance on how the ship drifted and went off the sea. The environmental specialist is keeping a close eye on the issue to render any kind of inconvenience or emergency.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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