CM and Governor Put an End to their Arguments.

8th August 2021.


News from Karachi reports on the restoration of harmony between the two major parties following a period of heated debate over the imposition of the Sindh lockdown.


The senior representatives of PPP and PTI met, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Governor Imran Ismail met at Governor House to resolve the conflict and concluded on terms to give space and consideration to the perspectives laid by both the parties.


The report claims that the parties even collaborated on what approach to take regarding the pandemic. The statement said that CM Shah called on Governor Ismail and the two deliberated the province’s law and order situation, development projects, and other issues recounting to conjoint interests.




Previously, Governor Ismail renounced the Sindh government’s action of imposing lockdown and deemed it to be violating federal and provincial governments but the latest statement issued exhibits that his views, now, are altered, rather announced to take all stakeholders on board in the efforts for What is best for the country.


In his first meeting last week with the chief minister after the lockdown was put in place, the governor, according to the statement, softly repeated his stance stressing the prominence of Karachi in the overall economy of the country.


The chief minister in a positive gesticulation agreed with the governor and asserted that the two sides would further reinforce their coordination for effective collaboration between the federation and the province, which would ultimately have a positive impact on administrative and economic undertakings of the province and its people.


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