CM Usman Buzdar talks about Anti-peace factors.

10th August 2021.

Punjab’s chief minister stated that to foil and paralyze anti-peace elements, religious harmony must be demonstrated. The religious and sectarianism differences we cater, promote such atrocious activities propagated by various anti-peace elements.

This statement was made by him in front of Clergy, researchers, and popular scholarly and strict characters from all schools of thought while having jurisdiction over a meeting of the Punjab Ittihad Bainul Muslimeen Committee.

He applauded the work of religious scholars and the ministry, noting that they play an important role in bolstering the country during critical times. They have consistently advanced fraternity, fortitude, and strict resistance in the nation while also directing the country.


He went on to say that the role of the ministry in the advancement of rigorous harmony cannot be underestimated. He goes on to explain that Pakistan has a place for all of us and that we can fulfill our responsibilities to the country by holding hands, ignoring all distinctions, and admiring one the other’s prescriptive ideas.

Tahir Ashrafi, the special assistant to the Prime Minister, also emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant, making sound decisions, and refraining from being controversial in literary debates. As per Zubair Ahmed Zaheer, collaboration with the government is a nationwide moral responsibility. According to Peer Syed Saeed ul Hassan Shah, it is critical to becoming aware of anti-peace elements.

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