Code of Conduct for Muharram

5th August 2021.

The Council of Islamic ideology (CII), many senior members and religious clerics said on Monday that Islam is all about peace and security and ordered a code of conduct to be implemented in the month of Muharram. He said no kind of extremism will be entertained by any religious party.

Dr. Qibla Ayaz who is a chairman at CII headed a meeting and informed people that numerous foreign forces were trying to support and spread sectarianism in the country so that the public go against each other but it is the utmost responsibility of religious parties to negate such activities that prove to be a beacon of chaos in the country.

The CII advised the religious scholars and Ulemas to be vigilant while being active on their social media and be alert of any kind of difference being preached around them. The council likewise advised to not talk about something controversial insect terms.

The declarations were made at the convention about spreading harmony and unity among the general public, not touching any kind of sensitive issues in dialogues, and merging all senior heads from the different sects in any kind of literary debate so that there will be no opposition regarding any topic among the general public.


The convention also referred to the situation in mosques and other religious places. They said that these places should welcome each other with a big heart. It was likewise clarified that no gathering will permit any sort of controversial speaker to come up at their foundation and spread misinterpretations. Just tranquil and resilience advancing discussion will be given after Friday prayers.

Panels will be set up by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to screen and forestall the spread of any material that could be hostile to any gathering. There were strict orders to follow the code of conduct by a special representative of PM Interfaith Harmony Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi. He likewise added that everyone agreed upon the Payaam-e-Pakistan code of conduct.

The convention stressed the fact that everyone should promote peace, tolerance, and brotherhood. It was also mentioned that security plans would be additionally further developed keeping in see the neighborhood prerequisites.

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