Combined Appeal to Constitute a Full Court

26th August 2021.

According to a source in Islamabad, the grander bars have urged the Supreme Court to convene a full court to decide how suo motu influence should be summoned. A higher bench of the apex court led by Acting Chief Justice of Pakistan UmarAta Bandial and encompassing Justice Ijazul Ahsan, Justice Munib Akhtar, Justice QaziMuhammad Amin Ahmed, and Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar resumed the hearing currentlyto regulate the legal question of how the suo motu dominion should be beseeched.

Noticeswere also issued to the attorney general for Pakistan, SCBA president, and PBC vicechairman for legal succor in this concern. The apex court was led by Justice Qazi Faez Isa onthe solicitation in contradiction to the persecution of media persons, apparently departed fromthe norms of the relevant bureaucratic rehearsal. Nevertheless, Sindh High Court BarAssociation President Salahuddin Ahmed allegedly stated that judges, who were ardent, donot retain sufficient impartiality to perceive it empirically.


Similarly, the SHCBA president states that the JCP&’s unencumbered authority to suddenlyamend immure a case from a bench; constitute a large bench with judges of his own choiceraises stern questions about the impartiality of the procedure.He said this does not ensurejudicial independence from any aspect.

He further stated that both these issues need to betackled simultaneously, not just how suo motu should be taken but also how benches shouldbe instituted and cases should be secured. He added that resolution should be derived by fullcourts and not any minor designated bench.A senior attorney said a full-court should be initiated to deal with a critical issue such thatwhen there is a serious perception in legal frat concerning detachment midst SC judges.

SCBA President Lateef Afridi entreated the SC to arrange a full court in this matter aslawyers were apprehensive about the discernment of alterations between the SC judges.Nonetheless, prior additional advocate general Chaudhry Faisal said that larger benchrequisite decide the question of law regarding beseeching of suo motu prerogative.

He wasanxious that various opinions would set a wrong precedent which would lead towards thejudicial commotion. Though, Faisal is certain that the suo motu powers must be structured asit has been misrepresented time and again. It is learned that the SCBA president and PBCvice-chairman would also emerge afore the larger bench. Similarly, the sources unraveledthat it is probable that AGP Khalid may also appeal the establishment of a full-court in thissubstance.

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