Confidence of Foreign Investorson Security System of Pakistan

30th July 2021

Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) conducted a Security Survey 2021 from 21 May till 21 June. This survey was conducted to check on the security system in different commercial sectors of Pakistan where foreign investments are held.

The foreign investors were quite confident with the security system going on in different commercial sectors off Pakistan and mentions that there is improvement in the security system. They showed their concerns regarding street crimes that are occurring in Karachi. The OICCI has two third offices in Karachi that are operating all over the country.

The survey report shows that the overall situation of security has improved from last year but there were some concerns regarding the street crimes happening in Karachi. The economist of topline securities showed a heartwarming reaction to the survey reports and said that it’s a great opportunity as this report poses a positive image of Pakistan. The economist also added that the poor situation of laws and order has affected our exports and trade system before.


OICCI President Irfan Siddiqui also showed gratitude for the satisfied response of foreign investors towards the country. The continuous effort of law enforcement agencies attracted foreign direct investments towards Pakistan as last year many respondents had concerns with security issues. 2/3rd of OICCI members responded to the 2021 survey report.

The foreign nationals for businesses of OICCI members on and off visited Pakistan despite covid restriction. The visits were of low frequency but still, they visited, it is of a great deal. From China, the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, the UAE came the foreign business visitors especially.

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives Pakistan Executive Director Mukhtar Ahmad Ali said that we hope that this improvement turns out to be a beacon of foreign investments in Pakistan. Many respondents in terms of serious crimes said that their rate has decreased from past years.


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