Consecutive Absence of a Detained Minister on Hearings

 1st August 2021.

A report from Lahore states that Speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi suspended the hearing of the Punjab Assembly. The session was said to be deterred immediately after the commencement of the sitting. This incident was said to have happened on Friday as the Federal Investigation Agency or shortly known as FIA didn’t let incarcerated MPA emerge Nazir Chohan in the hearing. 

The sitting started with the peaceful recitation of the Quran and Na’at but later it turned into a disappointment when the speaker inquired Law Minister Raja Basharat for the presence of the detained MPA in the assembly. When the minister reported dissident, the chair proclaimed deferring the proceedings to the afternoon of Monday.

The speaker had dispensed making guidelines for the MPA on Wednesday on the 28th of July, but he was not presented in the House even on the second consecutive day. Mr. Elahi, the speaker of the national assembly, publicized that until Nazir Chohan was produced in the House on Thursday, the sitting would be held daily but will only converse this concern while no authorized business or jurisdiction would be indorsed to be executed till that interval.


Mr. Chohan was taken into supervision by the FIA on an objection by Mr.Shehzad Akbar who is claimed to be the special assistant to the prime minister on culpability, for super-intending a vindictive campaign in contradiction of him on social media platforms.

He was allowed bail from court on Wednesday only to be caught as a captive by the FIA yet again. Previously, police had arrested him on analogous credit.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.


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