Cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey to Manage Refugee Massive Influx

16th August 2021.

On Sunday, Turkey’s president, Tayyip Erdogan, stated that Pakistan and Turkey have contemplated bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan and helping resolve the flood of immigrants into the countries. Mr. Erdogan stated during a meeting with Pakistan’s President, Dr. Arif Alvi, that Turkey is now facing an increase in the number of immigrants entering the country through Iran.

The Turkish president said that Turkey will help in re-establishing peace in the region of Afghanistan but for that turkey has to first collaborate and strengthen ties with Pakistan. Erdogan stated that they are driven to succeed by utilizing all available resources. The statements came as the Taliban prepared to seize control of the borders of Kabul. As the NATO forces withdrew from Afghanistan on the orders of Joe Biden, Taliban forces emerged and revived.

The president of Pakistan was in Turkey to attend the launching ceremony of a navy vessel built by Turkey for South Asian countries that share a border with Afghanistan. There are a handful of Turkish soldiers in Afghanistan, and Turkey has volunteered to deploy security personnel at Kabul International Airport once the forces leave by the end of August on the orders of Joe Biden.


The Turkish president has also put a proposal for the Afghan Taliban to come on a dialogue table. With the entrance of Turkish refugees on its eastern border, opposition parties have begun to put pressure on the government to take strong and severe action on these concerns, and this has become a hot political topic in the Turkish capital, Ankara these days. Recently, the government has reacted by going forward with the construction of a wall divider with Iran.

The president of Pakistan stated that the partnership between Turkey and Pakistan is a binding factor behind the region’s stability and peace. During the naval event, the president stated that Pakistan recognizes Turkey’s significant contribution to world peace and security by building the first MILGEM ship, PNS Babur.

The president also emphasized that Turkey has the government and people of Pakistan’s support in attaining the mutual goals of peace and prosperity. He noted that both countries had faced threats and had increased their security cooperation. He also lauded the defense ministry for its achievements under Erdogan’s leadership.

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