Corona cases are On the Rise Yet Again in Pakistan

20th August 2021.

Corona cases have risen once more in the country. According to Thursday’s statistics, about 74 more individuals have perished as a result of this lethal virus in the last 24 years. This information has been updated by the National Command and Operation Centre. After a brief period of stability, the number of active cases and deaths has risen once more.

After 55,634 COVID-19 tests were performed in the past 24 hours, the country reported 4,373 additional cases, bringing the total number of cases to 1,113,647. The positivity rate has risen to 7.86% as reported by the Official portal.

The current number of active cases has now risen to 89,531. The death toll from this virus is now 24, 713 and the recovered patients count up to 999,403. Considering the peak which was the highest daily average since the 17th of June, the country has been reporting 4,130 new cases on the average daily. This is 70% of the peak.


So far, Pakistan has delivered at least 44,322,217 doses of COVID vaccination. Given that each individual requires two doses that would be enough to vaccinate around 10.2 percent of the country’s population.

Pakistan reached a midpoint of around 764,855 dosages controlled every day during the last week detailed. At that rate, it will take another 57 days to oversee enough dosages for another 10% of the population.

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