Coronavirus and Measures taken by Government

28th July 2021

In a provincial task force yesterday, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah restricted the movement of individuals after 6 pm. He issued this order after taking notice of rising cases of Covid in the fourth wave of coronavirus after the widespread Delta variant.

The minister advised and asked people to stay home, stay safe and follow standard operating procedures. He also gave directives to IG police and commissioner Karachi to make sure that every market; tuition, private gym, and shop are closed after 6 pm.


In Karachi, CM Murad Ali Shah constituted a ministerial meeting of the Local Governments head. He called this meeting after the sudden strike of Covid in-country and especially in Karachi. He said that we need to alarm every one of the current covid situations and ask them to follow sops and ban movement after 6 pm. He said it’s an urgent need or else everything will get out of control in this pandemic situation.

In the meeting, CM discussed the hospital situation and asked the hospital faculty to increase their Covid facility. Health Secretary Dr. Kazim Jatoi also mentioned that the reports of positive cases have risen to 12.7 %. CM also mentioned that the detection rate has risen to 26.32% from 20% in less than 6 days.

He CM after reviewing hospital situation and covid arrangements along with ventilators asked the health secretary to take specific measures and establish covid facilities in three other hospitals as well. He afterward also met with the CEO of private Hospitals. There he requested the CEOs to upgrade their covid arrangements. He likewise added that he is doing all this stuff to save people from this disease.

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