Corruption and Disturbing Incident of Rahim Yar Khan.

8th August 2021.


The governor of Punjab, Muhammad Sarwar, stated that the ruling PTI government has established a framework of honesty and legitimacy in the country and will not tolerate any debasement. Corruption has consistently and will continue to rob individuals of their rights in the country. He stated that the degenerate has no future in the new Pakistan.


During a meeting at the Governor’s House with provincial ministers Dr. Akhtar Malik and Ijaz Alam Augustine, he stated that it was the public authority’s responsibility to ensure exceptional quality of the Constitution and law and that Prime Minister Imran Khan would not back down from his principled and philosophical governmental issues.


He also mentioned that defilement is especially unforgivable wrongdoing and depressing interaction for any country. It destroys the nation’s development and progress in all sectors. The public authority led by Prime Minister Imran Khan was a legitimate, unprejudiced, straightforward, and true organization that sought to eradicate corruption from the country from the start.




He stated that all organizations, including the parliament and majority rules system, were becoming more grounded over time, and that the majority was concerned with democracy, law and order, and public authority accountability.


While discussing the Rahim Yar Khan incident, the Governor of Punjab also alluded to minorities, saying that there is no place for brutality or injustice in our country. He stated that the perpetrators will be brought under the scrutiny of the law and that severe measures will be taken against them. They cannot get away with this vile act, and the government will not allow anyone to take the law into their own hands.


Ijaz Alam Augustine, the Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs, stated that minorities in Pakistan would never be left alone under any circumstances and that culprits would be brought to trial, adds that the devious steps of those who were colluding against religious tolerance would be foiled.


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