Credibility for Peaceful Ashura

21stAugust 2021

According to news from Islamabad, on the occasion of Ashura day demonstrations and gatherings across the province, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat stated that under the leadership of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, the ministers, and administration, security measures in the province were revised and supervised in order to prevent any disruptions in law and order.

In a statement on Thursday, he told that the police and the Home department had workedhard day and night to safeguard every individual because every life matters. Meanwhile,provincial and district control rooms were also invigilating and keeping an eye, to monitormotorcades and gatherings in each district.

Raja Basharat Paid tribute to the troops of the Pakistan Army and Rangers and said that theyalso proffered irreplaceable services for the protection of the people and supported the civiladministration haphazardly.


The law minister appreciated the Ulema of all schools of thoughtand said that the Ulema from all over Punjab had traditionally shown perfect harmony andensured peace and order in the holy month, as they prevented any irrelevant talks andguided/counseled people to show respect to other sects as well.

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