Cyber War Threats to be Investigated

26th July 2021

On a recent Saturday, Pakistan’s government publicized that Pakistan was fronting India’s cyber-war and thus concluded the decision to initiate an inquiry of India’s strategy to hack into the phones of Prime Minister Imran Khan and senior military officials with the help of Israeli reconnaissance software.

The government deduced this unethical attempt was a challenge to Pakistan’s sovereignty and esteem. Pakistan would therefore legally penalize Israeli surveillance company NSO in the International Court of Justice, stated Fawad Chaudary.

India has once already been successful in such a shot. The magnitude of the practice of the spyware Pegasus was confirmed by the Washington Post, the Guardian, Le Monde, and other news sources which co-operated on an inquiry into the data disclosure. Fawad Chaudhry guaranteed that further investigation of the issue will take place even if the UN desists to do so.


The minister said Before reporting the investigation, the Guardian informed him of three cell phone numbers of Prime Minister Khan so that he could confirm that these were his (PM’s) phone numbers adding that these were hacked by India through Pegasus.

Reportedly, over 1,000 phone numbers in India appeared on the surveillance list while hundreds were from Pakistan, and about 300 belonged to important Indian residents and politicians. Mr. Akbar said the government pronounced to rigorously inspect the attempted Indian cyber reconnaissance attacks on mobile phones and gadgets of top government bureaucrats.

The committee will comprise of Executives from security agencies and Foreign Offices. He said that it will conclude if India’s cyber-attack was successful and this issue will be advanced to the UN for further speculation.

Adviser claimed that this conspiracy against the country’s top officials as surveillance was a scam of a greater magnitude than the Panama Papers leak. The Pegasus malware is used to conduct cyber surveillance by dictatorial governments that want to spy on journalists, activists, politicians, and government officials.

The software can penetrate iPhones and Androids. The NSO stated that the product was to be solely used by assessed government intelligence and law ensuring forces to counteract terrorism and crime. The adviser said according to the examination of Exoneration International, Prime Minister Khan was also a list. At least 10 countries, including India, are alleged NSO clienteles.

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