Defense Minister assures of concluding no under the table deal with United States

No under table deal with US, says Defense Ministry

On Tuesday the Senate panel issued instructions to the Defense Ministry that it would be prohibited, pursuant to the commitments passed by Parliament in April 2012, to give US air bases, foreign boats on the land or foreign intelligence operations.

The direction came from reports that the USA was looking for air bases in Afghanistan’s neighborhood, including Pakistan. While, in a recent interview, Pakistan has often rejected reports, such as Prime Minister Imran Khan, showed, in reports that Pakistan would be able to use its territory against Afghanistan, “absolutely no” is known, the Senate Defense Committee issued directives to the Ministry of Defense.

The 14-point terms include: “No foreign bases shall be established within the territory of Pakistan. “The terms of the commitments also prevented the government from allowing the US to operate “overtly or covertly” from Pakistani territory as well as to conclude “verbal” agreements.

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