“Denying allegations”

11th August 2021

On Tuesday, the Foreign Office report emphatically vetoed and denied allegations on Pakistan for taking harsh measures for dissidents abroad. The foreign office declared them as baseless.

The FO said there was no probability of any threat being possessed to any national of any state or Pakistan’s nationals living anywhere on any con at all. The report appealed that banished Pakistanis, who were precarious of the military had been presaged by UK authorities that they will be fetched.

Pakistan claimed to be a loyal UK ally, especially on intelligence issues is all set to support and assist the UK to target such perpetrators.




The former UK high commissioner to Pakistan said that in case of any extraterrestrial pressure on UKs journalists strong actions will be taken against them by legislative bodies and the British government. The report also noted that a man was charged in London last month with conspiring to murder political activist Ahmad WaqassGoraya in the Netherlands. It also said political analyst Ayesha Siddiqa had received an Osman warning from the Metropolitan Police, a warning baptized after a case from the late 90s. The notice was issued by British authorities who believe there is a death threat to the prospective victim.

Retorting to the prerogatives carried in the report, the Foreign Office spokesperson, Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said that the uncorroborated assertions appeared to be part of the relatively of the current campaign against Pakistan to negative the country and its state establishments. The spokesperson opposed that Pakistan is a parliamentary democracy with free media and a liberated judiciary, which remains fully committed to the promotion and protection of human rights for all its citizens without discernment. The Foreign Office governed that the facility of a platform for retailing of uncorroborated and false narratives against Pakistan by any news outlet was lamentable.


Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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