Digitalization: an end to exploitation

15th July 2021

Radio Pakistan, reportedly stated that PM Imran Khan initiated a “letter of administration and succession act” for Punjab which authorizes the legitimate heirs to get succession certificates from NADRA in a span of 2 weeks without involving the Court directly. PM mentioned that they are aiming to relieve people as much as possible as the government owes them.

He apologetically emphasizes the fact that it’s difficult to manage such issues at times as it’s important to tackle everyday concerns first. He appreciated the law ministry to contemplate the issue despite such hectic workloads.

Mr. Khan said that these certificates were out to the idea to end the frenetic cycle of the overseas Pakistanis of the to and fro movement from one place to another for Inheritance related procedures.

PM said technological advancements are imperative in building “shortcuts” and entirely obliterate corruption from a system, stating the example of Shaukat Khanum as a paper-less and thus a corruption-less system.


He claimed that now his government is trying to replicate the exact same strategy to introduce e-governance to flourish in the modern world. Furthermore, Imran Khan informed that towards the end of August digitizing the details of property in Islamabad will reach an end and side by side supporting the overseas electoral rights.

He added that the government also wants to advance the NADRA system to get rid of rigging and false votes. He said this is important as it is difficult to challenge the digital systems as they are foolproof supporting his theory by the example of Donald Trump’s failed attempt to challenge the electronic system.

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