Disclosure of Wages and Privileges

5th August 2021.

A current report from Islamabad says that the administrative officer of the Islamabad High Court has well-versed the law secretary to interconnect to the activists of WAF on the subject that neither IHC Chief Justice Athar nor any hearing judge of the high court has ever applied to any government authority or organization for the allowance of a plot. The 2nd June order of the PIC Islamabad issued material that ceded to the law secretary for headlong conveyance to the petitioners contending, from which the information about the allotment of plots in Islamabad was implored by the WAF associates.

Over 30 WAF activists from all over the country had through identical petitions submitted on Aug 20 last year to the PIC pleaded that but they were denied information. The supplicants had pursued evidence about the income and assets of the chief justices and judges of the apex court as well as the IHC in the curiosity. The PIC had detained that the administrative officer department, Supreme Court, and IHC came under the characterization of the public body.


In the absence of any judgment of the Supreme Court which bars citizens from seeking information from the apex court under the Right of Access to Information Act this commission is left with no option but to determine the matter, the order said. The PIC had held that it is imperative to comprehend the norm of separation of judiciary from executive omission and public accountability through the exercise of the constitutional right of access to information

On 22nd October last year, both Justice Qazi Faez Isa and his wife Sarina Isa had volunteered by disclosing their assets. The revelation was made in response to the demand by the WAF, August before that; WAF issued a declaration pursuing information about public officers. The PIC, on 2nd June 2021, moderately allowed the appeals and ordered the public information officer of the law ministry to share with the petitioners. In response, the IHC registrar, through a letter on July 29, 2021, communicated to the law secretary to provide the information to the petitioners in compliance with the 2nd June PIC orders.

The letter elucidated that the perks and privileges of the chief justice and judges of the high court were governed under the presidential orders issued by the competent authority in compensation, terms and conditions of the provision of the judges are highlighted in the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution. Likewise, the letter said, all the presidential orders wages of the judicial officers of the high court were public documents and also available on the official website of the high court and comprises the information concerning the pension and post-retirement reimbursements of the judges.

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