Donald Rumsfeld, former US Defense Secretary, died at the age of 88

Donald Rumsfeld, a strong US Secretary of Defense and the leading architect of the Iraq war until he was replaced by President George W Bush when the U.S. became engulfed after 3-1/2 years of fighting, died on Wednesday at the age of 88, his family said.

Rumsfeld has brought charisma and shock to the post of Pentagon’s defense secretary Robert McNamara, who has projected the Bush administration’s muscular approach to world affairs with Vietnam’s War Age defense secretary. Hard interrogation techniques were personally authorized by Rumsfeld for detainees.

US treatment of prisoners in Iraq and foreign terrorism suspected by human rights defenders and others claiming they were tortured at a special prison set up under Rumzfelder at the American naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Dick Cheney had worked for Rumsfeld during the 1970s Republican Presidencies of Ford and Richard Nixon. He had been a close ally of Bush’s vice president. In November 2006, Bush replaced him with Cheney’s objections, because the Iraq war has largely eradicated stalemate and support from the public.

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