Efforts to Boost Trade and Economy

17th July 2021.

Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan made a statement about revolutionizing the business and industries. He informed the public that the government is strategizing on improving NAB policies. In Tashkent PM told various businessmen about removing unnecessary restrictions to encourage businesses and small entrepreneurs and is also working on the advancement of the pharmaceutical sector. He stated that Pakistan and Uzbekistan hold a great scope for mutual projects. He declared that the change in NAB policies will encourage skillful and qualified CEOs from the bureaucratic and business class community to run businesses.

He also said the railway project would abridge differences and distances between Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan and also stated that Pakistan wanted to be connected to Uzbekistan by all three major means of transportation. He also made a statement about outlining the religious, cultural, and spiritual ties with Uzbekistan and it will hold up to its bond by lending Uzbeks seaports to provide them the cheapest linkage to the middle east and European regions and in exchange will let Pakistan have access to central Asian states.


He portrayed his gratification over the fact, that Pakistanis were keen on working with the Uzbeks. He even had an in-person meeting with the president of the country, which discussed the importance of improving their ties with Afghanistan, and said that the reason for the decline of trade with Afghanis was because of subdivision, high inflation, disunity, and lack of a proper leader. The protocols were signed relating to the establishment of the Uzbekistan-Pakistan business and commerce.

This practice is to facilitate the two countries involved. A memorandum of understanding between the Foreign Service Academy of Pakistan and the University of World Economy and Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan was also signed.

The main aims were to eliminate poverty in both countries and establish a strong trading system. He claimed China shared the same interests and is eager to benefit from the geo-location of Pakistan.

PM emphasized their cordial relations by mentioning that Pakistan was among the first countries to recognize the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1991. He underscored the prominence of structured commitment between Pakistan and Uzbekistan under the five pillars of Pakistan’s “Vision Central Asia” policy i.e. political, trade and investment, energy and connectivity, security and defense, and people-to-people contacts.

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