Electronic Voting Machines in Pakistan.

7th August 2021.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz, after the briefing and proper presentation on Electronic Voting Machines, were presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan at Prime Minister’s House on Thursday, said that the new machine had been produced utilizing native assets and as indicated by the particulars of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He likewise mentioned that EVM’s are made following particular instructions given by ECP as they previously rejected the last model presented for EVMs.

The new EVM’s are very easy to understand for not only surveying staff but also the voters. The plus point of this device is that it couldn’t be messed with or hacked as it has no working framework and would not be associated with a web as indicated by the Minister. The minister also mentioned that the new EVM would likewise give total information of the surveyed votes a review in the event of a political race debate.

The Minister said the other opposition parties will before long be presented by this machine and figure out how to work it. This will help in disregarding their concerns regarding the machine too. Media and ECP will be acquainted with this machine through a conference arranged by Ministry where there will be a presentation for understanding the methods and procedures to operate it.


Mr. Faraz also appreciated the engineers and other staff of the ministry who were involved in the making of this machine within the assigned time of 12 weeks. He likewise mentioned the last machine presented in 2014 only fulfilled 20% specification of ECP but this one is on the particular criteria.

These machines are developed in the country with the help of universities and cost less as compared to imported machines that offered no assurance of working appropriately. The paper and ink used in this device will not fade away till 5 years. Tallying of votes would be a button press away and could be finished between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik also gave a presentation to the president and presented how to use the technology to permit abroad Pakistanis to project their votes through I-voting while staying abroad. He likewise addressed the changes to be made for foreign voters in the I-voting system so that their votes make up to final counting. The ruling PTI government had been seeking after the issue of the utilization of EVMs and empowering the abroad to project their votes since the 2013 general elections.

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