Environmental Crises Endanger the Younger Generation

22nd August 2021.

The reports released by UNICEF on Friday states that the climate is hazardous for the young generation of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and India. The environmental risk in upcoming times is hazardous for youth’s health, education and protection.

The Environmental Emergency is also followed by Child Rights Crisis. Presenting the Children’s Climate Risk Index is UNICEF’s first climate risk index that focuses on children. It rates countries dependent on kids’ openness to climatic and ecological shocks, like tornadoes and heat waves, just as their helplessness to those shocks, as estimated by admittance to essential administrations.

South Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and India are vulnerable following child protection from these calamities. These countries are always threatened and at high risk of environmental issues. They have been ranked at 14, 15, 15, and 26 respectively in this regard. However Nepal is rated 51st, and Sri Lanka is ranked 61st.


Bhutan is relatively at lower risks of environmental crises on children and is ranked at number 111. Including the four South Asian nations, roughly 1 billion kids live in one of the 33 nations designated as incredibly high-hazard.

UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia, George Laryea-Adjei, stated that this is the first time they have clear evidence of the effects of environmental crises on children. Floods, droughts, river erosions, and air pollution have rendered many children helpless, with no homes, proper sanitary facilities, or educational opportunities.

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