Equality in Education

17th August 2021.

PM Imran Khan introduced a single curriculum nationwide on Monday, stating that it has been his vision for the past two decades that Pakistan will one day have a single core curriculum, and he addressed the SNC at a launch ceremony held in Islamabad.

The prime minister stated that people demotivated him because there was no incentive to do so. He claimed that previous institutional systems represented inequality, that people in power had access to higher quality education, and that all incentives, including employment, power, and privileges, were granted to “English medium” schooling graduates.

He even quoted that mental slavery is far more toxic than physical slavery. Further said, that Afghanistan just broke the chains of slavery. His statement came a day after the Afghan Taliban took over the capital of Afghanistan and mounted their government. He said that individuals always feel inferior to such people who are in power and follow them blindfolded. He added that people who follow others do not progress.


On June 25, 2021, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that his government is going to implement a uniform education system from March 2021. The prime minister was perorating the National Assembly session. He said the 2.5 million pupils at religious academies would be conveyed into the conventional.

These students would be taught the kind of education the world receives. PM Khan said He spoke about a series of concerns including COVID-19, economy, Kashmir, and Pakistan’s relations with the US.

PM said Punjab will initiate executing the Single National Curriculum from the educational year 2021-2022 a notification by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, issued on Monday, read that the new curriculum will be educated to classes I to V. SNC for grades Pre I – V and Model Textbooks of Education Reforms and Textbook Development Wing, Schools Education Department developed by the Federal Government for implementation in all courses of education comprising private, public and religious in Punjab for the approaching academic session 2021-22 and headlong.

The verdict was ratified by Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in December through a consultation of the provincial cabinet. Bestowing to the government, the system will relieve abolish the memorization education classification and refine the talents of the apprentices.

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