European Troops Return Home from Afghanistan in a steep manner

Germany and Italy declared their missions in Afghanistan complete on Wednesday, bringing their deployments to a close nearly 20 years after the first Western troops arrived. According to announcements from several countries, the majority of European troops have now left Afghanistan with little fanfare, bringing the Western mission in Afghanistan to a close as the United States prepares to leave.

Romania returned 140 troops from Afghanistan on Saturday, bringing the country’s 19-year presence to an end. Spain withdrew its final troops on May 13, Belgium on June 14, and Denmark on June 22.Norway’s troops returned on Saturday, Estonia’s on June 23, the Netherlands’ on June 24, Finland’s small contingent on June 8, and Sweden’s on May 25.On Monday, Georgia’s final troops returned home. Last week, Poland’s defense minister stated that Warsaw would withdraw all of its troops by the end of this week.

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