Exports of Pakistan in July 2021

7th August 2021.

As indicated by the information and data conveyed by the Ministry of Commerce on Thursday, it is noticeable that around 9 areas of Pakistan’s industry had shown development in double-digit in the main month of July of the monetary year of 2021 to 2022. These industries included the textiles industry as well.

Development in exports of significant-worth added areas contributed to an expansion in general exports from these areas. These areas showed development and progress as last year due to covid-19 and the entire pandemic situation, export-oriented industries and regions were under lockdown, and advancement in these regions was restricted.

As far as items, exports of pieces of clothing, home materials, shirts, foods grown from the ground ethyl liquor, stockings and socks, maize and plastics expanded during July contrasted with July of 2020. Then again, the exports of rice, meat, concrete, and tents comparatively diminished.


The men’s garment exports increased to $406 million in July from $329 million last July showing a growth of approximately 23%. There was also an increase of 9 % in exports of textiles from $349 million of July last year to $380 million in July this year. The Jerseys and pullovers also showed an increase of 46 % in export from $56 million last year to $81million this year.

The fruits and vegetables were no behind. They also posed a growth in export from $51 million to $61 million, an increase of 20 %. T-shirts also posed an increase in the export rate of approximately 22 % from $40 million to $49 million in terms of corresponding years.

It does not stop here. Exports continue of ethyl liquor presented development of 252% on $47m in July against $13m in the last year, trailed by 19% in stockings and socks to $42m against $36m last year, 1701% in maize or corn to $36m against $2m of last year and 56% in plastic to $33m against $21m throughout the last year.

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