Fawad Chaudhary’s Speech Pertinent to Primary Concerns

29th July 2021

In Islamabad, a report states that the minister of information and technology Fawad Chaudhry stated That the federal cabinet has initiated a policy following to cyber security and stated them easures are to be conducted regarding entire India’s collaboration with Israeli’s Pegasusspy ware .This misconduct, he said is not only a crime but is also defying international laws hence it needs to be catered to.

The minister declared that they might refer the whole comprehensive investigation to the UN, in thehope of getting a positive response from the UN in return. And will share the details with the sectorspertinent to these cases in Pakistan.He said that the policy would comprise of two parts; first cyber security and second cyber offenses.He assured that the legislative cabinet is being told to exterminate the obsolete laws related tocyber security and urged to constitute new laws.

In addressing the cabinet PM Khan said that they are going to discuss the major issues with theopposition party and ensured that their relations are smooth as yet, they said to share consensus ontransparent elections, (NAB) law, and the transparency electoral reforms.Mr. Fawad said on the behalf of the government that they were keen to work with theopposition party and looking forward to taking any constructive criticism and suggestions giving theexample of 49 points.


Regarding electoral reforms in between, the current minister critiqued the former minister for the financial constraints Pakistan issuffering through right now; furthermore, he elaborated on the fact that how such acts affectPakistan’s image in the international community and discourages investments from bilateralcountries.

He said that the government contemplated the idea of removing the one-man-authority systemfrom the country as it turns out to be advantageous for the latter but Pakistan has to face theconsequences of their ill doings.

He accentuated on making vaccination mandatory for the individuals to attain the target ofcompletion of the majority of the vaccinations as soon as possible.Extending his speech he congratulated PTI for attaining lead in KashmirAnd declared that Czech Republic’s favor upon Pakistan for amending the law for Pakistan, It willallow nationals to attain dual nationality.

He urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible otherwise they will face the occlusion of theirsim cards, he said that they are already behind the target of administering nearly 4o% of vaccinationtowards the end of July and 70% till the end of this year.

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