Firing at Khadija Siddique’s Place

15th August 2021.

Khadija Siddique, a lawyer who was stabbed by a classmate, filed a complaint in which she stated that her life is in danger because some people open fire outside their house in Lahore’s Gulberg region.

According to the complaint, she was at home alone when she heard bullet shots. When she heard the shots, she ran out and saw the car’s bonnet had ruptured as a result of the shot. She stated that her life is in danger and that she desires someone to take legal action as a result of the situation.

Khadija told Geo News that the shots were loud enough for her to believe they were fired from inside her home. The lawyer emphasized on Punjab Minister for Prisons Fayyazul Hassan Chohan’s assurance that if her life is threatened, he will submit a report himself.


Khadija’s father stated that he was not at home at the time of the event. When he arrived, he found Khadija distressed, and she recounted the entire episode to him. He also stated that they called 15 police helplines and that they arrived on time.

Father stated that no uncomfortable event has occurred since the perpetrator was freed, and the firing may be related to the Independence Day celebration, but the issue has left us anxious and disturbed. Following that, Chohan called Khadija and informed her that the perpetrators would be apprehended and brought before the law.

The Chief Minister of Punjab was also alerted to the situation and directed the CCPO of Lahore to take immediate action and apprehend the criminal who fired the bullets at Khadija’s house for further investigation.

Khadija Siddique was stabbed on her way to pick up her younger sister from school on Lahore Davis Road earlier in 2016. On July 29, 2017, her classmate was arrested under a Judicial Magistrate sentence for 7 years in jail. Hussain was arrested again in 2019 after the Supreme Court overturned the LHC’s decision.

He was released on 17th July this year. Chohan clarified that the convict did not receive a transmission from the IG correctional facilities or the prison director, but was nonetheless granted a 17-month-and-23-day exemption under prison rules.

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