Foreign Office’s Reply to Indian External Ministry

19thAugust 2021.

The Indian External Affairs Ministry made some unsubtle remarks about the vandalism of Sikh leader Ranjit Singh’s statue in Pakistan. Pakistan’s foreign office slammed India’s remarks as “highly hypocritical” and rejected them.

They claimed that India, which has consistently violated minorities’ rights in their homeland, cannot speak about minorities’ rights in other countries. According to the Foreign Office statement, any other mature state would have appreciated the effort of immediate legal actions that were intuitive against suspects in time.

The statement also expressed that the different authoritative and legal bodies of Pakistan are always there to ensure the constitutional protections and rights of minorities concerning their places of worship as well unlike India.


According to the Foreign Office statement, India should reflect on its causes and avoid getting involved in the affairs of other countries. The FO encouraged India to secure the safety, protection, and well-being of minorities, particularly Muslims, as well as to take appropriate measures to safeguard their places of worship, culture, and heritage sites.

A previous video of a man smashing the monument of 18th-century Sikh king Ranjit Singh at the Lahore Fort with his bare hands went viral on Tuesday.

The footage of a young guy damaging the statue was allegedly the third time the statue has been destroyed since 2019. According to the resources, the suspect has been apprehended by Lahore police.

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