July 13, 2021

The situation in Afghanistan is volatile about the civil war that may come to existence at any moment, which might negatively affect Pakistan as well; this was foretold by the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the National security advisor Dr. Mohid Yousaf. In the Senate committee held on this Friday, both officials emphasized the perils of entertaining the Afghan refugees and the militancy across the border.

Pakistan is caught up in a situation to take drastic and RIGHT decisions (unlike some previous decisions) to overcome these challenges. The civil conflict has risen as the Taliban continue to expand their Territorial authority in the northern and southern region of Kabul and the Afghan army has failed to stop it.

Joe Biden earlier this week declared that the withdrawal of US troops will take place till August

But Pakistan has yet to establish a policy concerning the current situation.

Although the Taliban have pledged not to use their territory against Pakistan in any case, still Pakistan needs to enhance its counterterrorism and law-enforcement potentiality to cope-up with this reinforced threat that lies across the border. The situation might get adverse in the following days.


Despite all the good intentions Pakistan has for Afghanistan, to bear the load of a large influx of refugees and it should let the international community know this in clear terms. Dr. Yusuf has acknowledged the danger that terrorists from the banned TTP and other groups could amalgamate Pakistan along with the refugees and it would be difficult for authorities to discriminate between them and take action.

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