Google Observe Opportunity of Work Increase on ‘Hybrid’

September 9, 2021

Google increased cloud collaboration tools for businesses on Wednesday, predicting that “hybrid” work routines will persist even after the pandemic is over. With online services that allow employees to collaborate remotely, the internet powerhouse competes with Microsoft, Zoom, Facebook, and others.

After abandoning campuses early in the pandemic, tech powerhouses turned to their own tools, fueling an intense remote work trend. “We’ve seen a complete change, and a lot of that transformation is here to stay,” said Google product management director Dave Citron at a briefing on new Workspace offerings.

“However, I believe it is premature to declare that the 40-hour work week in a work area is doomed across all regions and industries.” Major tech companies have delayed workers’ return to the office, and the new norm is expected to be “hybrid” routines that combine being with on working remotely. Google stated that it has formed a hybrid work manual for how to use tools, as well as software for employees to perform concept of quality regardless of where they work.

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