Government’s Attempt to Suppress the Freedom of Speech

16th August 2021

A news states about the latest protest that all foremost bodies on behalf of the broadcasting unit, have allegedly precluded the proposed PMDA and characterized it as defined law is a very harsh measure against them.

In a mutual proclamation, the PNS, all the Council of PNE, PBA, PFlU of Journalists, and the AEME and ND’s have disparaged the law and labeled it as a stride towards state control of all divisions of the media.

The media organizations have pressed and tried persuading the parliament to discard the projected offer. The government prioritizes this sole body to be in charge of the printing, electronic and digital media.


These media organizations and associations have signaled the potential danger of the establishment of this mass media organization. The anticipated law gives all-encompassing controls to the body to regulate autonomous media organizations with the help of strong procedures.

PMDA will be controlled by the federal government. If the authority is endorsed, it would be in control of the “independence of expression”. In Pakistan media has been affected by both financial and editorial pressures, in past years.

These have led to unemployment in the designated sector and declining quality of journalism. It also exhibits that the government was unwelcoming towards any sort of criticism and opinions, hence got involved in the media industry using the negative means of their authority. It all narrows down to the parliament to devise the plan with impartiality. Citizens and netizens should renounce this act, using their power.

A country like Pakistan needs greater freedom of speech, to express its concerns and file its complaints but this is a direct attempt to bash it, furthermore, it contradicts the definition of democracy. The PMDA is a degenerating plan and should be implemented by any means; it has more apparent and deliberate negative consequences than any other plan that has been devised.

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