High Income and Wealth Discrimination

15th August 2021

UNDP Pakistan hosted the second webinar on its Pakistan Inequality Debate series in Islamabad on Friday. These webinars were organized to disseminate the findings of the NHDR 2020 Report to discuss the three Ps; Power, People, and Policy of Inequality, which were promoted by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, in April of this year.

The webinar began with a whole session, Centering People for Extensive Policy, conferring to the Report’s prominence on Policy. The meeting encompassed Dr. Sania Nishtar, SA to the Prime Minister on Poverty Mitigation and Social Safety as the Chief Guest including Inhabitancy Representative, UNDP Pakistan along with previous Federal Minister and NHDR 2020 lead author Dr. Hafiz Pasha.


Several doctors, the Chairpersons of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the Executive Director of the SDPI, and a feminist researcher were among the panelists for the session. In her keynote address, the feminist researcher emphasized the government’s obligation to build a prosperous state where the rule of law, meritocracy, and transparency are guaranteed to all citizens and a social safety net is provided to relegate squalor.

In his response, UNDP Pakistan’s Resident Representative emphasized policy as a fundamental stratagem through which governments regulate the face country they want to craft for their citizens. Dr. Hafiz Pasha presented the report’s findings and spoke of policy in the context of areas that need restoration.

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