High time to Establish Law Condemning Domestic Violence

25th July 2021

Pakistan People’s Party Vice President and Chair Foreign Affairs Senate Standing Committee, Senator Sherry Rehman mentioned the vicious and gruesome incidents that took place in the recent time and topped on the list of Pakistan’s brutal murders history.

She referred to the Noor Mukadam case that is on news everywhere these days; Sherry said that there is no other solution for the case than to punish the murderer, this is the only way in which justice can be granted to the poor victim and her miserable family.

She said that within 2 weeks several cases of domestic violence have been reported. This increases the necessity of introducing reforms and penalties against such acts. She stated that this bill will safeguard women, children, and other groups that have been a target of such atrocities and threats or fears.


She also discussed Khadija Siddiqi’s case in which she demanded justification for exempting the criminal from the punishment. Furthermore, she conferred to a case of Usman Mirza who assaulted a couple and is still on physical remand. She added the case of Quratulain as well.

She urged the law-making body to grant justice to these vulnerable victims. Emphasizing the importance of the native violence bill, she said, this milestone legislation is long unpaid and most certainly, the need of the hour. Instead of condemning women for sexual violence, we must work towards changing our culture of sexism and misogyny.

The senator in the end said that the government’s responsibility is to take swift actions to establish a law against such heinous crimes and domestic violence. It has become a necessity to introduce laws in the constitution that deal with such issues.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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