Huawei Held Accountable

14th August 2021.

Reuters reported in the most recent update that a California-based software company sued Huawei for allegedly working for Pakistan’s government and sharing confidential trade secrets with its companies. The company, known as Business Efficiency Solutions, also accused the Chinese tech giant of using the company’s expertise to create a way out, sort of a means, to assemble sensitive data that could be used for Pakistan’s national security.

Huawei didn’t respond instantaneously to the allegations neither did BES nor its lawyers. Rendering to the complaint, Huawei delegated with BES in the year 2016 for its $150 million proposals to fabricate software for a Pakistani government program to provide advanced technology to Lahore-based police and law implementation agencies.

BES said it created software for the project that collects data from government agencies, controls admittance to buildings, speculates social media, and handles drones.


The eight software systems, BES developed for the project included copyrighted code, designs, diagrams, and other information that were prized trade and confidential at the base of BES’s business.

Huawei officials ostensibly necessitated that BES send this information to the company in China for assessment, and BES said it agreed to the petition but dismissed its sanction to use the technology after Huawei rescinded its admittance to the testing lab.

The complaint supposed Huawei had yet to return the confidential software design tools or uninstall the software, as BES said it had agreed to. BES said Huawei later demanded it installs its data-aggregation software, used by Pakistani law enforcement to amass and evaluate the data in its Chinese lab. BES said it was granted, under the menace of cessation and pending expenditures, after Huawei claimed it had endorsement from the Pakistani government.

BES also said that Huawei didn’t recompense for some soft wares that are in its use today and that Huawei is exploiting its trade secrets in analogous projects in Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.


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