Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan will Result in Inflation in Pakistan

November 01, 2021

If there is a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Pakistan could face further inflation and food price increases.Pakistan should take a more cautious approach to Afghanistan, as the situation in the neighbouring country since the change of regime in Kabul has opened a Pandora’s box of strategic and security concerns for it,said a research study released on Sunday by the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS).The First Quarterly Monitoring Report, titled ‘Perspectives from Pakistan on Afghan Peace and Reconciliation,’ warned that if a humanitarian crisis occurred in its western neighbour, Pakistan would be the first countrywhere inflation and food prices could pick up.The report, which covers the period from July to September 2021, was created through daily monitoring of Pakistan’s national and social media, international media, and in-depth interviews with politicians, academics, and Afghan experts.The country must continue to contribute to its efforts to bring peace and humanitarian assistance to landlocked Afghanistan.” At the same time, it must establish friendly relations and expand cooperation with its neighbours, including China, Iran, and India, to avoid a proxy war in Afghanistan, which will undoubtedly harm Pakistan the most,” according to the report’s key findings.

The country’s religious-political parties and religious organisations followed suit, warmly welcoming and congratulating the Taliban on their “so-called victory.” However, mainstream political parties expressed concern about the potential impact of the Afghan situation on Pakistan and demanded that the government initiate a debate in Parliament. Islamabad has supported an inclusive government in Afghanistan, but has also expressed concern that the Taliban should not use Afghan soil against it for terrorism, according to the research report, adding that the country has been urging the international community to engage with the Taliban to avoid humanitarian crises, government officials said.

The country’s military leadership believes that peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan is intertwined and has issued warning shots that spoilers will not be tolerated.According to Pakistani media reports and commentary, the Taliban takeover has alleviated Pakistan’s concerns about Indian use of Afghan soil to cause trouble in its bordering provinces.According to the report, Pakistan has repeatedly refused to allow any further resettlement of Afghan refugees in the country due to economic, security, and political challenges.According to the research, Pakistan is confident that it can deal with the potential fallout from the Afghan situation in terms of insecurity and violence. This assurance is founded onweak threat assessment.

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