Illegal Trade of Wild Life Species

26th August 2021.

The latest update from a news source commends the success of the wildlife organization ofPakistan for catching and detaining the culprits who were involved in the illicit hunting andtrade of the rare species of birds.

The organization was instructed by the PM to takeimmediate and harsh actions against the perpetrators involved, it was concluded later thatthere were entire gangs that were involved in this illegal business.


Wildlife Department Punjab workforce, after an efficacious operation against illegal huntersof birds, has arrested 22 people for violating the Wildlife Act and recovered a fine of Rs.150,000 collectively.

Bestowing to research and laid down reports, these people who wereinvolved in these shady dealings were from Bahawalnagar, Layyah, Muzaffargarh, andRahim Yar Khan Districts in different operations.

The operations were conducted on thedirectives of Director-general Wildlife Punjab Malik Sana Ullah Khan.The director-general of the designated area was said to have mandated all the district officersof the appointed department to ensure stringent vigilance and take corresponding measures intheir respective areas. All these assessments and instructions were laid to decelerate theamount of illegal trade of rare and endangered species of birds that are imperative toPakistan.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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